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200 Ton Chiller

200 Ton Chiller

(We also have a 100 ton and 115 ton chiller)

Crawford Units 400 amp disconnect 25kwGenerator-Atlanta Jazz Fest

Crawford Generator

400 AMP Disconnect 25kw Generator/ 200amp Stainless Steel Panel & Cable Ramps
45kw Generator XQ60-TasteOfAtlanta_2009 75 kw Generator-Braves Game-Travis Tritt Concert-2008
36kw Generator

60kw Generator

75kw Generator
75 kw Generator-National Black Arts Fest-2009 125 kw Generator-Harrah's Fishing Challange 200amp Distribution Panel-NBAF-2009
75kw Generator

125kw Generator - Whisper Watt

200amp Distribution Panel
Distribution Panels Cable Ramps-Atlanta Dogwood Fest-Piedmont Park-2009 200amp Panels
60amp - 400amp (120/208/480 volt)

Cable Ramps (3 ft. long)

Distribution Panels
Spider Box Panels Disconnects- 60amp - 600amp Transformers-Hearth Patio & BBQ Expo-GWCC-2008
Spider Box Panels

Disconnects (60amp - 600amp)

Transformers (30kva - 150kva)
200 Amp Panels-NBAF-2009 Extension Cords-Pigs & Peaches 2008 20 Ton HVAC-Movie Set-The Blind Side at West Minister
Cable (2/5 - 100amp, 2/0-200amp, 4/0-400amp) Cam to cam connect.

Extension Cords (12 Guage/3 Conductors) 25', 50' & 100'

20 Ton HVAC Uprights

20 Ton HVAC-Private Wedding for Reece Tent

20 Ton A/C-Movie Set-Blind Side 25 Ton A/C
20 Ton HVAC

20 Ton HVAC

25 Ton HVAC (Trailer Mounted)
12 Ton A/C 12.5 ton A/C 5 Ton HVAC
12 Ton A/C on Wheels

12/5 Ton HVAC

5 Ton HVAC on Wheels
3.5 Ton A/C Heatpump 130 Ton A/C - Atlanta Civic Center Spot Coolers
3.5 Ton A/C Heatpump on Wheels

Installed 130 Ton A/C Package

(Atlanta Civic Center)

1 Ton Spot Cooler (middle)

2 Ton Spot Cooler (right)

5 Ton Spot Cooler 1 Ton ACH Frost Fighter
5 Ton Spot Cooler

1 Ton ACH Spot Cooler - Heat & A/C

Frost Fighter - Indirect Fired 500,000 BTU Heater

Frost FighterFrost Fighter

Large Frost Fighter (left) 500,000 BTU's Diesel Heater

Small Frost Fighter (right) 180,000 BTU's Diesel Heater

Bullet Propane Heater
Bullet Propane Heaters: 30,000 - 175,000 BTU's
Patio Mushroom heaterPatio Heaters Big Box Propane Patio Heater Small box heater
Patio - Mushroom Propane Heater (Bronze & Silver)

Patio "Big Box" Propane Heater (125,000 BTU's)

Patio "Small Box" Propane Heater (35,000 BTU's)
Big Buddy Tag-A-Long heaters Heatflo

Big Buddy Propane Heater (4,000 - 18,000 BTU's)

Tag-A-Long Propane Heater (8,000 BTU's)

Heatflo Electric Heater (14,000-17,000 BTU's)
Electric Heater Electric Milkhouse heater Flow Pro Electric Heater

Electric (Milkhouse) Heater 1,500 watts

Electric Heater - 1,500 watts

FlowPro Electric Heater - 14,000-17,000 BTU's
ER-XL Heater ER-L Heater ER-M Heater

"ER-XL" Electric Heater - 13.5kw / 480V or 240V

"ER-L" Electric Heater - 6kw/480V or 240V

"ER-M" Electric Heater - 4.5kw/240V
ER-S Heater Salamander Heater

"ER-S" Electric Heater - 2kw/240V

Electric Radiant Heaters

Salamander Heater 15kw & 30kw Electric
Pedestal Fans Light Towers Light Towers-Taste of Sandy Springs

Pedestal fans (Metal - Adjustable to 7' ht.)

Light Towers - 4,000 watt Diesel

Light Tower
GloBug on Cart w/3,000 watt Generator GloBug Lights GloBug Lights

GloBug on cart (w/ 3,000wt. gas genny)

GloBug-Deflated on cart (w/ 6,500wt. gas genny)

GloBug on Tripod
Globug GloBug at Atlanta Wine Fest

GloBug on Tripod

GloBug on stand at the Atlanta Food and Wine Fest 2014 (Photo courtesy of Keith Spencer and Red Tree Films)

Globug at Atlanta Wine Fest Globug at Atlanta Food and Wine Fest

GloBug on stand at the Atlanta Food and Wine Fest 2014 (Photo courtesy of Keith Spencer and Red Tree Films)

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